GMCC Monthly Meeting April 02/2024

Started by Ricko, April 09, 2024, 02:17:13 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Apr 2, 24
Lounsbury Meeting Room - 7 pm
Present: Dave and Kim McPherson, Dave Fyffe, Ken and Tim Cameron, Gary Gaskin, Ed Leblanc, Margaret Mayes and Trueman Copp, Debbie Legge and Derwin Cooling, Marc Melanson, Roger Bourgeois, Tom and Terri Osler, Scott Mullin.
Dave McPherson opened the meeting and welcomed all.
Minutes of March meeting read by Scott Mullin for Helen Estabrooks who was away on vacation. Kim McPherson pointed out that 20th Knights of Columbus Breakfast was as error, After further review it was determined that the date should be corrected to May 26. Some people reported they were having issues with getting minutes by email and well as finding them on the club website. Marc suggested perhaps saving them in PDF form which should be more universal for people to read on multiple device platforms. Roger Bourgeois moved that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted seconded by Marc Melanson, all in favor, motion carried.
Correspondence: Roger Bourgeois pointed out that the Quad-C virtual meeting and Atlantic Corvette Club meeting at Lounsburys were both on April 20 which coincided with the Speed Sport East show. Dave McPherson to follow up with contacting Quad-C and Roger Bourgeois to send reminder to Atlantic Corvette Club.
Financial Report: Roger Bourgeois stated that the Royal Bank of Canada account had been opened at the corner of MacBeth Avenue and Mountain Road in Moncton. The initial account opened with $280 with the plan being to write a cheque for 80% of the balance and transfer that to RBC. Tom Osler indicated that they were having issues getting a final balance on the old UNI account but would try again to get a statement. It is believed that the balance was $XXXX with two outstanding cheques of $265 and $300.
New Business: 1) Marc Melanson indicated that there would be additional fees of 60 cents per transaction for e-transfer both receiving and sending. Roger Bourgeois brought up that it was discussed by the executive that going forward new membership and renewals should increase to $35 to offset these new banking fees. Marc Melanson motioned to accept the new rate seconded by Debbie Legge.
Trips: 1) Angie Bourgeois talked to Crooked Creek Distillery in Dover about a possible visit. They open 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Roger Bourgeois proposed a trip for May 25th as it is open on the calendar. 2) Scott Mullin had followup with Carly Boileau from the Lavendar farm and she suggested that the best time to visit when the Lavendar is in full bloom is in July. Marc Melanson suggested that he would contact the Soapery to combine on the trip as he knows the owners. Scott Mullin suggested that we could have a BBQ at the Irving Eco Center afterwards as they have bbqs open to the public.  3) Gary Gaskin suggested a trip to Trueman Berry Farm new Aulac as they have a new train attraction that goes around the property. Roger suggested combining the Crooked Creek Distillery trip with Trueman Berry Farm to make a day of it. 4) Scott Mullin suggested that Antiques by Jaxx would love to have us visit some weekend that we are in the area. Roger Bourgois and Dave McPherson suggested perhaps a good time to combine with the trip to Lutz Mountain Meeting house going up the Homestead Road as it is in excellent condition. 5) Ed Leblanc questioned about perhaps a trip to Grand Manan while Trueman Copp added that Deere Island is also a very scenic route however a fair amount of travelling to and from. Questions raised around getting the Corvettes on and off the ferry due to height clearance. 6) Trueman Copp suggested a trip up to Washademoak to visit Harold Jones private collection of tractors, vehicles and other assorted collectables. He suggested sooner than later would be better. Trueman will follow up with Harold. 7) Ken Cameron asked Roger about the old regular trips to the Sussex car show. Roger Bourgois indicated that parking last time was an issue due to the wet conditions and that it simply fell off the radar. 8) Trueman's fall Lobster run to Alma tentatively planned for Oct 20th. As last year's event held at the Muddy Rudder was a success, suggested that we do that again as members that are not interested in eating lobster have other options off the menu. 9) Dave McPherson to follow up with Wayne Coster on train trestle run to Grand Falls suggested at last meeting.
Speed Sport East: Roger Bourgeois indicated that although we wanted 8 spots together that may not happen as currently the ice surface has been allocated for our club. Dave McPherson to follow up with Joe at the show to try and get 8 spots together. Roger Bourgeois indicated that a C1 entry has been cancelled, however he has a replacement car. Cars submitted to date are C2 from Bobby Cooke and Doug MacDonald, C3 Rheal Leger, C4 Dave Fyffe, C5 Glenn Best, C6 Dave and Kim McPherson, C7 Landau ?, C8 may be from Lounsbury although both Tim and Ken Cameron offered their Z067. Ken has a new Z06 and it would be preferred as Tim's was in the show last year and it would be nice to offer up some different cars to the viewing public. Dave McPherson has found a glass display to place die cast for viewing but is short a C7, Roger Bourgeois has one he can lend. Lounsbury are looking at backpacks as opposed to the bags that were given away last year.
For the Lounsbury Corvette show in June, Lounsbury will be providing golf shirts instead of the t -shirts as in the past. Every one is giving out t-shirts and they want to be a little more upscale.
Motion is adjourn meeting by Debbie Legge.
Next Meeting: May 6th
50/50 in the amount of $22.50 won by Tom Osler

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