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October 20, 2012 – Moncton, NB

Vern & Julia Patriquin, RVV
Errol Callbeck, PEICC
Kingsley Lewis, PEICC
Baisle Hambly, PEICC   
Ray Cromwell, CSNB
Angie & Troy Wallis,  CCNS
Brian & Debbie Palmer, CCNS
Roger Bourgeois, GMCC   

Roger Bourgeois chaired the meeting.  The meeting began at 10:00 a.m.

PEICC – Currently have 20 members.  During their Saturday of their show for 2012, 45 Corvettes took part in the run; while there were 48 Corvettes registered for the show and shine on Sunday.  The BBQ and auction raised $1000 for their charity, Spina Bifida.  This club currently has 30 sponsors.  Overall their members were pleased with the show.

The show for 2013 will take place on August 17/18.  There is thought of changing the BBQ format to a different/structured meal.  The representatives present suggested that the BBQ was a good decision and should continue.
It was suggested that the PEICC seek one hotel for out-of-town participants to keep the groups together.

CSNB's Ray Cromwell thanked everyone for the meeting.  They currently have 53 paid members.    Their membership attended 24 events in 2012 – including all Corvette club shows.  This club had 83 Corvettes registered in the rain for their 2012 show and shine. 

Their annual meeting/election of officers will take place in November and Ray expects to see a new President.  The Treasurer will likely remain as Don Watson.Their Vice-President will be in charge of the show and shine for 2013 to take place on August 9/10.

Ray wanted to acknowledge Bill Brown from his club for the effort put forth in carrying out the Petitcodiac BBQ in Ray's absence.  He hopes the BBQ at that venue will continue to be held annually. 
Their Christmas Party will be held on Dec 7th – details to follow.

RVV considers themselves the smallest club with only 30 members.  They had an active summer.  Their final run will be held tomorrow, Oct 21st.  They attended 13 shows;  6 fun runs;  participated in parades, birthday parties....and attendance was very good each time.  Although fun runs require more planning, their membership prefers those to attending car shows.
Vern requested feedback from the group on how they can entice more regional participation on the Friday and Saturday evening portions of Fiberglass Alley.  Some suggested that Fridays are generally difficult for those who work or have some distance to travel.

They will continue with the same executive members in 2013.  They had 80 Corvettes registered for their show and shine in 2012 and activities on both Friday and Sunday were well attended.

CCNS advises that for 2013 Brian Palmer will be President;  Troy Wallis, V-P; Debbie Palmer, Secretary-Treasurer;  Garry & Marilyn Mead, Editors; and Calvin Pearce, Events.  A donation of $1000 was made to Q104 for the purchase of wheel chair(s).  They have 81 paid members;  75 Corvettes were registered at their 2012 Show and Shine;  and next year's show will be ehld on July 27th.

GMCC reviewed the activities they participated in, including a Yarmouth weekend; trip to Baie Ste Anne; Bob & Lana Cook's garage; Vettes to Vets in Massachusetts (Roger detailed that particular show, prizes & donations, etc.).  Representation was present at all of the Maritime Corvette show and shines. 

100 Corvettes registered at GMCC's 2012 show in Centennial Park.    Roger encourages Corvettes to park within the designated space saved for Corvettes.  You will not be blocked in if you need to leave early. 

Roger took this opportunity to share a learning experience.  Recently on a run of 21 GMCC members, a few members decided to split after lunch leaving some Corvettes to follow the wrong group for the rest of the day.  This can cause concerns  among the members, not to mention the disappointment for the person who organized the run.   

Roger detailed the 2013 Atlantic Nationals and the tour on Friday afternoon.  He explained how money is generated and donated to charities, including GMCC's (Autism Resource Centre, Moncton).  Dates for next year are July 12/13th.  The Speed Sport East car show at the Moncton Coliseum will be held on April 19-21.  Lounsbury, GMCC's major sponsor, has requested that they host a show at the beginning of June (looking at June 8th?).  Christmas party will be held on Dec 8th – details to follow.

The meeting was suddenly adjourned as the minute taker became ill.

Angela Bourgeois
GMCC Member

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