2012 - Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs' executives' meeting

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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs

Meeting Minutes - APRIL 7TH, 2012

Gordon Christie, PEICC
Errol Caulbeck, PEICC
Kingsley Lewis, PEICC
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, RVV
John Johnson, RVV
Peter & Cynthia Arsenault, CCNS
Wornick Price, GMCC
Roger & Angela Bourgeois, GMCC
Raymond Cromwell, CSNB
Don Watson, CSNB

The meeting was held at Lounsbury's, West Main St., Moncton and was called to order at 10 a.m.

The group was welcomed to Moncton and the attendees thanked GMCC for hosting once again.

The first on the agenda was PEICC, with Errol accepting to speak first. Errol explained the details of their upcoming annual show and shine weekend set at August 18-19th. Their club had discussed changing the date, but due to the anticipation of better weather, stayed with the chosen dates. It was mentioned that their club would like to see the Corvette club shows spaced a little further apart if that could be arranged for future years. Two weeks' apart would be ideal. Something to take into consideration for those clubs that are flexible with their show dates.

The 2014 Caravan to Bowling Green will coincide with the activities at the Corvette Museum there from August 28-30th, 2014. There is not yet a leader for this region and a volunteer is encouraged to sign up. It will be the 20th anniversary of the museum. The Corvette Museum web site has many details, as well as the New England Caravan web site.

Next was Peter, representing the CCNS. That club has 103 paid members with 89 corvettes. Neither the Corvettes at Shelburne nor the Bishop's Landing corvette shows will be happening; however, the Scarecrow Festival dates are September 29-30th.
The CCNS annual show and shine will take place on July 28th at Stuart Kia, Truro. Show will begin at 12 noon and run until awards' presentation at 3 p.m.   This club's web site is not currently up and running.

And last, but not least, those wanting to Caravan to Corvettes @ Carlisle (Aug 22-27th) are invited to contact Debbie/Brian Palmer. The Palmers have 15 rooms pre-booked for that trip.

Ray representing CSNB brought forth the topic of the annual bowling challenge. It was felt that the interest in this event is failing. GMCC has decided they will not be hosting going forth but are more than willing to support either of the other two NB clubs if they choose to continue. The event this year was held in Moncton and only 6 of GMCC members attended. Roger indicated that GMCC members feel it is not money well spent (cost to the local club was a little less than $300 for their 6 members). RVV are scheduled to host in 2013 and Vern indicated that they likely will go ahead to try one more year in bringing up the level of participation.

Ray continued on the topic of their club's annual show and shine, being held on August 10-11th, with the actual show and shine taking place at Exhibition Park on the Saturday. He will forward details to the club Presidents for distribution to the members. Too many prizes to mention in my minutes, but suffice to say the prizes include 3 flat screen TV's, a cruise out of Florida, etc. Two hotels are offering special rates: Delta and Hampton Inns. Free food during the meet and greet on Friday evening, along with prize draws. Only 5 prizes will be given out at the Saturday banquet - the majority will be given out during the day of the show.
This club's web site will be available after April 15th.

The first Corvette event of the season, organized by CSNB but supported by all the clubs, is a BBQ at the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame in Petitcodiac. Each club will assist with the BBQ by bringing items for the participants (hotdogs/buns from Saint John; pop/paper utensils/condiments from GMCC; dessert from RVV).
Ray tells us there are 40 members in the club so far this year. Their summer schedule will be posted on their web page.

Vern was up next for the RVV. They've had a busy winter with lots of club activities; new club jackets and hats this year. The summer schedule is being worked on and will include parades in Oromocto, Harvey, etc., etc. Their membership is trying to attend other than "car show" events. They will support the other Corvette club shows, but are trying to get away from the other shows in the Fredericton area. The car show scene is losing its glitter. They want to participate in more day tours: Bangor in September, covered bridges in the area, Woodstock and a few weekend trips.

Kelly will update all with the plans for Fiberglass Alley. She will be putting packages together for everyone. The show weekend is June 15-17th (Saturday's show runs from 10 a.m. until 2:30-3). For those not able to travel the distance to arrive in Fredericton by 10 a.m., you are encouraged to join the show when possible. There will be Fri., Sat., and Sunday components. Details will be sent to the club presidents for distribution. RVV is working on a car-related activity for Saturday (poker run, or car-related game). Vern encourages everyone to support the Robin's Inn just outside of Fredericton. The owner is a car guy and the lobby is interesting with a NASCAR display. This has been a sponsor for the RVV for the past 3 years. The Crown Plaza downtown is also available.

John asked if there is a possibility for GMCC to change their show registration location (Atlantic Nationals). There is opposition to the Casino NB site. John states that the inconvenience of driving onto Mountain Road, go to one area of the hotel for registration, then downstairs for packages, then over to Centennial Park for the show is strongly opposed for a few. Because the registration process is handled by the Atlantic Nationals, GMCC cannot make any changes; however, Roger indicated that he definitely does not want the registration process to discourage anyone from attention GMCC's annual show and shine. Therefore, he has offered that anyone can send him their completed registration form, along with their entrance fee, and he will do the registration on your behalf, as well as pick up the packages. He will then be in contact with the Corvette owner to determine a pick up location. We are hoping that will be acceptable. Roger also noted that he will ensure that the volunteers at the Rotary Lodge entrance to Centennial Park are made aware that the Corvettes are allowed entry with their "one day" pass. John says there was a mix up there last year.

Roger concluded the meeting with the updates for the GMCC. Roger explained the process for show ballot counting last year - it proved to be very time saving. Every club has their own tricks to make that process a little easier. The calendar of events for GMCC is now posted on their new web site. We will ask Paul, our communications officer, to send everyone the link. Currently GMCC has 54 paid members. Most members pay during this weekend's coliseum display.

Roger distributed the ACCC window decals. The clubs will reimburse GMCC.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Minute Taker: Angela Bourgeois

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