August 28, 2021 - PEI trip

Started by HATE2W8, August 30, 2021, 03:46:43 PM

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What a fantastic day trip.  This was one of our summer trips to not miss.  We have had a few members step up this summer to help make interesting runs.   It isn't always easy to organize a trip, but in the end we hope the organizers feel that it was well worth their effort.  Not everyone says " thank you ", but you know they appreciate all the work involved.  So I'm taking this opportunity to thank those that stepped up to help out this year.
We left Dieppe with 11 Corvettes, picked up 2 near Port Elgin, then another as we crossed to PEI.  We had 4 PEI Corvette couples join us on their side and who offered to keep the group together.  This itself is not always an easy task.  So, thank you to the PEI members who managed the caravan.
Shipbuilding Museum..... Stompin' Tom Connors Museum..... North Cape..... Summerside..... and everything inbetween.
Thank you to Carrie Ann & Richard Rioux for this trip.   Fantastic!

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