October 30th, 2021 - Halloween Graveyard Cruise

Started by Softec, November 05, 2021, 02:11:13 PM

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What a great afternoon!

Thanks to Angela and Roger we were able to get in another cruise.  The weather was great and so was the company.  It got a tad chilly at some of the stops, with a breeze blowing in off the water.  But that's why Vette's have heaters.  Some even put the tops down! 

There was even a contest to see who could find the oldest grave out of all the 5 sites visited.  The winning grave was dated October 26th, 1807.  (That wasn't yesterday!)  The winning Grave Robbers... (Opps, Grave seekers) were Debbie and JM.  :)

We were even the answer to someone's prayers.  On our last stop, the minister at the Church mentioned that he had asked God for a Corvette.  Well, he got 12.

Probably the last cruise of the year, but who knows...

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