GMCC Monthly Meeting March 7 2022

Started by Ricko, March 09, 2022, 04:27:28 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
March 7,22
Lounsbury Meeting Room – 7pm

Present :  Bob Cormier, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Dave Fyffe, Leontine and Roger Boudreau, Don MacAulay, Angela and Roger Bourgeois. Darlene Estabrooks and Ray Cormier, Marc Melanson, Margaret Mayes and Trueman Copp, Paul and Mary Coxon, Carrie Anne and Richard Rioux, Dave McPherson, Tom and Teri Osler.
President Bob Cormier welcomed all to the March meeting, thanked all for attending and their continued support to our group.
Minutes of the January meeting were read by Secretary Helen Estabrooks, motion to accept as read by Mary seconded by Rick.
Old Business :  1)  President advised Club membership certificate had been received from Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame which came with a one day use of the conference room and outside area.  He suggested club plan a day trip to check out the area and Roger Bourgeois advised the outside area has a BBQ which could be used by the club for a meal.
2)  President advised that both he and Marc had been introduced to Kendall and Troy from Lounsbury's by past president Roger Bourgeois and that both were looking forward to working on behalf of the club.  Lounsbury's is looking forward to this years show as it was a great time last year.
3)  Website update – A person has been found that is interested in helping out with the revamp of the website, both Rick and Tom with assistance from Angela have been working on this and update was to be provided at February meeting but that meeting had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  More to be discussed tonight.
4)  Marc has been working on moving forward with the calendar as a fundraiser for our charity Autism.  This would include photos of our members cars.  Marc has been looking into prices and quantities.
Financial Report :  Report provided by Treasurer Tom Osler balance as of Feb 17 XXXXXX, no paypal memberships had been received and tonight membership received and fee of $30.  Outstanding bill for website certificate in the amount of $195.45.  Motion to accept report made by Angela and seconded by Roger Bourgeois, all in favor, motion accepted.
Roger Bourgeois asked if a cheque had been sent to CCCC for our membership, as it had not been done he advised that it would need to be sent with a list of active members, their name and email, and fee of $20 per membership, usually the season started with cheque of $400 and then updated as the season progressed.  Motion made by Roger Bourgeois and seconded by Rick that Tom send payment, all in favor, motion carried.
Membership Update :  Mary advised that she had not had an opportunity to get together with Tom and Teri regarding correcting the membership numbers, this would be done and an update to be provided at the April meeting.  Teri was asked to send the list to Mary. Mary advised that approx. 18 members had been added since her last update.
New Business :  1)  Website details of activities provided by Rick, Tom and Angela, the individual interested in redoing or updating site requested $1000 to do this work, this would carry site for the remainder of 2 years with GoDaddy, the bill for the SSL provided in financial report, the individual can also provide the past pictures but it is a time consuming activity as each picture would be saved individually, it would take 6 weeks to 2 months to complete as this is not his full time job.  He would maintain site for the 2 years and if club happy would go into future from there.  Motion made by Dave McPherson and seconded by Rick to hire Frank to do this work, all in favor, motion carried.
2)  Speed Sport – Don MacAulay has agreed to coordinate this activity, provided flyer to members of dates of April 22 – 24, he advised we need theme and list of volunteers to set up, tear down, attend the event and provide cars.  Volunteers included Trueman, Tom, Teri, Roger and Angela, Bob, Dave McPherson and Don advised he would contact Roger Cormier.  Committee meeting to be held at Lounsbury's 7pm on March 21, Teri to send email to membership to confirm members who wanted cars in show.
3)  Calendar – Marc advised he has been in contact with Advocate Printing cost has gone up since last fall, now approx. $5.47 for 12 month calendar and more for 16 month.  Looking at ordering 300 with all proceeds for our charity Autism.  Bob and Marc will meet with supplier and look at sponsors for this. 
4)  Calendar of events – Bob will send email to everyone regarding what is set.
5)  Roger Bourgeois advised that CCCC needed to be contacted to add dates for Atlantic Nationals now that everything had been confirmed as this is a sanctioned car show.  Bob advised he will contact and provide details.
6)  Roger Bougeois advised that a bill for $1000 should be sent to Lounsbury's for sponsorship for 2022, Bob advised that it would be sent.
7)  Roger Bourgeois advised 2024 caravan to Bolling Greens is being led by Ivan Hines from CCNS there are only 180 spots so if members interested they should contact Ivan ASAP.
Next meeting to be held at Lounsbury's on April 4,22 at 7pm.
There being no further business meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm by Angela.
50/50 in the amount of $22.50 won by Mary.

Helen Estabrooks

Bob Cormier

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