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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Nov 1,21
Lounsbury Meeting Room
Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Don MacAulay, Dave MacPherson, Marc Melanson & Sandra Arsenault, Scott Mullin, Carrie Ann Rioux, Tom & Teri Osler, Bob Cormier, Dave Fyffe, Helen & Rick Estabrooks via Facetime, and Special Guest, Rebecca Campbell (Executive Director of the Autism Resource Centre).
The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with Roger thanking Rebecca Campbell for her attendance at our meeting.  Rebecca thanked the GMCC members for supporting their cause for some time now.  The Autism Resource Centre has many activities including partnering with other organizations so that the Autism clients are able to participate in different groups:  the Zoo, Resurgo Place, swimming, summer camps, etc.   Ninety children got to spend some time with other planned activities.  There is always the support of one staff with each participant.   A new program they are working on will include Teens and Adults and be appropriate for those age groups.  There is a need for social interactions, building friendships and life skills.  The need includes people in their 60's. 
Future plans include new locations outside of the schools (Moncton office is now in Riverview and Bouctouche is located at Kents).   Rebecca is hoping their will get a mobile unit up and running to service more areas.  They are working with the provincial government on this endeavor.  Forty percent of their funding is from the Province.
They are also organizing workshops for professionals and parents.   The Resource Centers currently work with 200 families.
They are in need of volunteers (even just a couple of hours here and there is appreciated);  currently Rebecca is the only staff, but they have had summer students help out;  they will be hiring an administrator and some part-time staff for programs.
Before Rebecca left the meeting, Roger presented her with two cheques: $600.00 representing donations received at the Lounsbury's Show and Shine; and $2,500.00 representing donations from our sponsors.  The Autism Resource Centre is our major charity and we hope that we are able to help them raise more money in 2022.  Rebecca was very pleased with this surprise as the money is coming at a time of great need.
Minutes of last month's meeting were read by Angela Bourgeois, accepted as read with revision.
Old Business:
-   Had mentioned St Martin's trip at the October meeting.
-   Almost all October events were cancelled due to Covid restrictions.
-   October 16th: lobster run via backs roads, out at Dawson Settlement, through Waterford, into Alma.  Most bought lobster, at a discounted price, organized by Trueman Copp and Margaret Mayes.  The Bakery also made a good chunk of change from our stop.  We continued on to Wolf Point, where folks ate their picnic lunches (lobster was kept for eating at home).  We proceeded to the overlook area in the park.  Left that area with a little sprinkling of rain.  Thank you very much to Trueman and Margaret for this lovely outing.
-   October 30th:  Angie organized a short trip which she called a cemetery run (since it was Halloween season);  5 stops including Irishtown, Notre-Dame, then to a bathroom stop in St Antoine, back to Cocagne, Grand-Digue and a final stop at Shediac Cape.  Angie had given everyone the challenge of finding the oldest headstone out of the 5 cemeteries.  The $25 Irving gift card was won by Debbie Thibodeau for finding Thomas Leblanc in Notre-Dame, who died in 1807. 
-   Election of officers:   Nominations as follows:
President – Bob Cormier (nominated by Marc Melanson)
V-P – Marc Melanson (nominated by Roger Bourgeois)
Secretary – Helen Estabrooks (nominated by Angela Bourgeois)
Treasurer – Tom Osler (nominated by Angela Bourgeois)
Event Coordinator – Rick Estabrooks (nominated by Angela Bourgeois)
Communications Director – Teri Osler (nominated by Angela Bourgeois)
Membership Coordinator – Mary Coxon (nominated by Angela Bourgeois)
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs, Eastern Region, Fast Past – Margaret Mayes (nominated by Roger Bourgeois)
Web Page Pictures/Past events – Dave MacPherson (nominated by Roger Bourgeois)

Roger requested nominations from the floor, calling out 3 times, with no new nominations added.   The positions above were accepted by all candidates and therefore this is our new executives.

After our December regular meeting, we will have a separate meeting with the outgoing executives and incoming group so that everyone gets a little training on their duties.   
Roger expressed that this is a fun club and doesn't want anyone feeling that they are overwhelmed.  He will always be an active member and will help whenever there is a need.

Financial Report:
In Treasurer Wornick's absence, President read the Financial bank statement.  Expenses $3100.00 cheques issued tonight, deposits $30.00 balance XXXXX.  Motion to accept by Rick and seconded by Tom, all in favor, motion carried.
Bills for payment included $38.18 from Angela for stamps, printer ink and chips for the Halloween cemetery run.   A motion to accept these bills was made by Terri and seconded by Carrie Anne, all in favor, motion carried.
New Business:
Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs' meeting was held on October 23, 2021 and minutes are now posted on the GMCC web page.  Only 3 of the 6 clubs were represented.

It is that time of year when we decide to make Christmas charity donations.  Roger is looking for suggestions, since our club has approximately $800 that can be used.  Bob Cormier suggested the SPCA, Angela suggested the Sue Stultz turkey drive that we sponsor each year, and Marc Melanson brought a worthwhile charity to our attention: The Lunch Box Grampa/Pepere Boite a lunch.  Therefore, Tom made a motion that we give $200 to the SPCA, $100 for the turkey drive, and the balance of $500 to the school lunch charity.  The motion was made by Tom and seconded by Carrie Anne, all in favor.  Motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. by Tom.

Next meeting Dec 6, 7pm.
The 50/50 draw was won by Scott Mullin, who donated his $21.00  back to the club for charity.  Thank you Scott.

After the meeting new President elect Bob presented outgoing President Roger and Angie with gifts for their service and dedication to our club.

Helen Estabrooks

Roger  Bourgeois

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