GMCC Monthly Meeting April 4 2022

Started by Ricko, April 10, 2022, 09:11:20 AM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
April 4, 2022
Lounsbury Meeting Room – 7pm

Present:  Bob Cormier, Angie and Roger Bourgeois, Dave and Kim MacPherson, Don MacAulay and Debbie MacPherson, Bob and Monica Richard, Roger and Leontine Boudreau, Marc and Sandra Melanson, Teri and Tom Osler, Carrie Ann and Richard Rioux, Scott Mullin, James LeBlanc, Trueman Copp and Margaret Mayes, Dave Fyffe and daughter Tina and joining by facetime Rick and Helen Estabrooks.
President Bob Cormier welcomed all to the meeting and introduced himself to new members.
Minutes of the March meeting were read by secretary Helen Estabrooks, there being no errors or omissions, motion to accept as read made by Angie and seconded by Marc.
Old Business:  1) Meeting on March 21 to organize Speed Sport was held, Don MacAulay advised he was able to secure 14 spots for the club, 13 for cars and one for a seating area,  he contacted Lloyds of Moncton for curtains, and Lounsbury's  for the entry fee. Bob advised he was able to secure a donation of water and pop for the event.  Don passed out a sketch of the area and discussion ensued.  All 13 cars have been signed up. Discussion regarding our charity Autism as Angie reported Rebecca had left her position as of January and no replacement had been made, no one was available to attend this event therefore it was decided to have a donation jar similar to the one set up for the Lounsbury Car show.
2) Bob advised that a letter had been dropped off to Troy Killen at Lounsbury's requesting sponsorship for the year.
3) Bob advised he had contacted CCCC to have the Atlantic Nationals added to the list of events this year.
Treasurers Report:  Tom Osler, treasurer, provided report.  As of Mar 8 balance XXXXXX, cash $172.50 (memberships and 50/50), paypal $115.32, service charges $1.25, debit of $195.48 SSL for GoDaddy. Bank Statement April 4 XXXXX.  He advised cheque had been sent to CCCC.
Motion to accept made by Angie and seconded by Margaret, all in favor, motion carried. 
No bills for payment were submitted, Bob however indicated there would be a bill for the paint for the stands he is making for Speed Sport.
Membership Update: Provided by Tom Osler as Mary was unable to attend, currently 110 members.   
New Business: 1) Speed Sport – Bob is in process making stands for the area and has secured plastic chain.
2) Angie advised that Miss Teen NB Pageant is being held in Dieppe this year and Club had been contacted to provide participants and possibly judges drives to the red carpet in corvettes.  Approx. 24 are needed, date of event is May 22, 22 at 6pm, an email would be sent to members by Angie to sign up for the date. 
3) Roger Bourgeois advised an email has been received from NAACCC for membership dues for 15 members at $5 each cheque needed to be sent for the $75. This provides insurance for the executive of the club in carrying out club activities. NAACCC is active in lobbying government regarding legislative changes to modifications of older vehicles eg. seat belts to meet legal requirements.  Motion made by Roger Bourgeois and seconded by Rick to make this payment, all in favor, motion carried.
4) Addition to the calendar, a trip organized by Roger Bourgeois to Saint John for May 22 long weekend, a trip to the Reversing Falls, lunch at the falls, a 2 hour tour ,total about a 6 hour day, date Saturday May 21, 22.
5) Carrie Ann is working on a Campbelltown overnight trip planned for July 23/24 with details to follow, an email would be sent to club members.   
6)  An updated calendar of events will be sent to all paid 2022 members by Bob.
7)  Minutes of meeting to be added to website by Rick.
8)  Angie advised that she would go to the Resource Centre for Autism to obtain contact information so that we could plan for the BBQ at the Atlantic Nationals, if Autism is not able to plan and attend then another group would have to be found as this weekend has the potential to be a wonderful money making event for another charity.
There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 7:47 by Angie.
Next meeting May 2, 22 at Lounsbury's at 7pm.
50/50 in the amount of $26 won by Sandra.
Helen Estabrooks

Bob Cormier         


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