GMCC Monthly Meeting Jan 2 2022

Started by Ricko, April 29, 2022, 12:31:43 PM

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Face time
Present : Bob Cormier, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Tom
and Teri Osler, Carrie Anne Rioux, Marc Melanson, Dave McPherson, Mary Coxon.
President Bob Cormier welcomed everyone to our first meeting of 2022 and his first
meeting as President. He advised that he had received very little correspondence as
December/January are typically slow months for the club.
Minutes of the Dec meeting were read by Secretary Helen Estabrooks and after
correction, motion to accept by Angela and seconded by Teri, were accepted.
Old Business : Roger advised correspondence had been received from Cystic Fibrosis
and hard copies of CCCC annual statement had been received. The CCCC staten:ent
was all on line if members wanted to review.
he advised nothing had been received from pay pal yet. Angela advised account had been
changed to her name and Tom and Teri would be added, should next meeting be able to
be held in person they could try the account together. Tom advised there were no
^ outstanding cheques. Motion to accept statement by Angela and seconded by Mary, all in
favour, motion carried.
Bills for payment - Bob will email bills in the amount of $122.44 to Tom for payment,
motion to pay these bills made by Angela and seconded by Rick all in favour, motion
Membership update: Mary Coxon advised that in her records 71 members were paid for
2022 adthe executive would be added. The discrepancy from the Dec total of 90
indicated in the minutes would be reviewed by herself and Tom/Teri who have the binder
with paper copies of the memberships. It was suggested that Mary receive duplicate
copies of the applications. Mily advised that she has not had to send any welcome letters
as no new members had been provided to her. It was suggested that since memberships
expire in Feb each year that areminder be sent to current members to renew their
membership for the upcoming year. Bob advised that areminder email will be sent out
by Teri.
New Business: 1) Bob advised that he was sad to report that Darlene Estabrooks father
had passed away and that condolences are expressed on behalf of the Club.
2) Web Issues - Unfortunately no one has stepped up to take over this duty. Rick and
Tom will work at contacting people to try to find a solution to our issue. Angela reported
she has been advised our programming is obsolete as we are using old technology. She
provided information on the current details of our account. A new webmaster is required.
We are not able to post minutes or change the calendar. This will be worked on by both
Tom and Rick.
3) Bob advised he has received notice from Joe that Speed Sport has no date confirmed
for this spring due to covid restrictions.
4) Calendar of events - an email will be sent to membership by Teri to ask for ideas and
input to start our calendar for this season (tentatively). The annual meeting of the
Maritime coryette clubs is in April usually around Speed Sport and dates for each clubs
activities are shared at this time. Mary advised since she and Paul are new to the club she
would like a list of known events so that she can start to plan the srrrnmer and make
reservations as necessary.
5) Roger will meet with Bob and Marc tomorrow to review a calendar done by another
club to get an idea of whether this would be something our club could to do for
fundraising. Also to meet with Lounsbury's, our major sponsor, to allow new executive
to be introduced.
6) Since our minutes are not able to be posted to our webpage Bob asked that the
minutes be shared with Teri to be sent to the membership. Helen/Rick will get them sent
to Teri as soon as completed and will continue to do so until the web site has been
There being no further business meeting adjourned at7:45 by Angela.
Next meeting Feb 7, 2022 wrthhopes of being in person at Lounsburys at 7PM.
Helen Estabrooks
Bob Cormier

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