GMCC Dec 6 2021 Monthly Meeting

Started by Ricko, April 29, 2022, 11:42:15 AM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Dec 6,21
Lounsbury Meeting Room
Present : Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Bob Cormier, Don
MacAulay, Tom and Teri Osler, Marc Melanson, Paul and Mary Coxon, Darlene
Estabrooks and Ray Cormier.
President Roger Bourgeois welcomed all to the last meeting of 2021. The season was full
of ups and downs but still better than2020. It is with great sadness that he heard of the
passing of Wornick Price, who was very sick, had strokes that finally took him to a better
place. Womick was always ready to help with anything, holding offices of Past
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Event coordinator, Speed Sport committee, helped
with the club in many ways. He and his wife Marge were from original founders of
GMCC and will be missed dearly. President and Angie picked up most of the paperwork
concerning club finances and membership folders, he then went through most cleaning,
sorting and putting all pertaining paperwork for the years together, statements, deposits
and invoices.
Minutes of Nov I meeting were read by Secretary Helen Estabrooks and accepted as
Old Business : l) President thanked the outgoing executive and advised nominations are
finished and new executive are as follows. Bob Cormier - President, Marc Melanson -
Vice President, Helen Estabrooks - Secretary, Tom Osler - Treasurer, Rick Estabrooks -
Event Coordinator, Teri Osler - Qqnfnlnications, Margaret Mayes - Fast Past, Mary
Coxon - Membersirip, and Dar.#=rYWeb Page"and Past Events.
2) 4 Turkeys for Sue Stultz drive presented by Angela value $88, $500 to the Pepere
Boite Lunch presented by Marc and $200 to SPCA to be presented by Bob.
{, 515y., ir,
Financial Report : Read by Treasurer Tom Osler, bank statement shows balance of
XXXXX, with outstanding cheques from last meeting $3100, bills $38.18 and charity
donations of $788. He advised all signing authority at the bank has been changed.
Income of 6-7 memberships. Motion to accept by Angela and seconded by Mary, all in
favour, motion carried.
Bills for payment Angela $88 for the turkeys, postage of $3.67 and ink and paper $31.92
totalling $123.59, Rick ink and paper 542.92, and Tom advised of membership dues to
Sports Hall of Fame $100. A motion to accept these bills for payment made by Mark and
seconded by Bob, all in favour, motion ca:ried.
Membership fees for all executive have been waved for the 2022 season, if anyone has
already paid they will be reimbursed or added to the 2023 membership list where we
already have one paid who purchased a new vehicle from Lounsbury after they already
paid2022 dues. Total 2022membership is approx 90.
New Business : 1) President read the highlights of the Quad C Eastern Region meeting
which was held on Nov 26, minutes have been posted on line.
2) Lounsbury has great Christmas gifts in their showroom and parts department. Our
other sponsors may have the perfect gift and should also be checked out. We should
show support to our sponsors. Lounsbury have 3 new C8s coming this month.
3) Our calendar of events should be started at our Feb or March meeting.
There being no frrther business meeting adjoumed by Angela at7:36pm.
.2, ' Next meeting J*/,22 unless a holiday where email will be sent to advise of alternate
Winner of 50/50 was Darlene Estabrooks in the amount of $15.50.
Following meeting outgoing executive met with incoming executive to go over
Helen Estabrooks
Roger Bourgeois

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