Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs' meeting minutes - April 24, 2022

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Executives in Attendance:   
GMCC – Bob Cormier;  Marc Melanson;  Roger Bourgeois
RVV – Wanda Gadd & Mark
PEICC – Errol Callbeck;  Kingsley Lewis;
NSCC – Ivan Hines

NFLCC – Wayne & Julia Maidens
CSNB – Sylvia Blanchard
LCCC – Ray Cromwell

1)    CORVETTES OF SOUTHERN NB (via email)
Welcome everyone from the other clubs. I have been down South since November and won't be back until the 1st. of May so Fred Godwin had been the acting President on my behalf and our new Vice President Dave McMenoman is unable to attend.
A quick update on our membership. Currently we have 47 memberships, up from 46 last year.
Events - We have various Wednesday night cruise nights and lunch get togethers throughout the season planned. As per usual and our Annual Poker Run is scheduled for Aug, 6th. We plan to have a meet and greet for participating members on Friday evening, similar to what we were doing for our car show.  We will be sending out the details once things are confirmed up.
Our website is up and running and our events will be updated throughout the season.

The newly elected executive for 2022 is;
Sylvia Blanchard – President
David McMenoman – Vice President
Carol O'Brien Boucher – Treasurer
Fred Godwin – Secretary
Hope everyone had a great winter and we look forward to hopefully seeing everyone at some of the events this season.
Sylvia Blanchard

Presented by Errol Callbeck with events coordinator Kingsley Lewis also present.
Our club is looking forward to a more normal summer.   Thank you to the Moncton club and Lounsburys for again allowing us to use the boardroom.
Recap of the winter was the Christmas party in late November at the Quality Inn on the Hill, Ch'town. We were lucky to get the Xmas party in, as shortly after the Omicron variant hit and most get togethers and parties were shut down.  Our annual get together for Barrett Jackson pot luck party was cancelled;  in February we usually have a Valentine's Day meal as a group, but again this was shut down. 
This summer will not be a complete return to normal for Vettefest 2022.  We do plan to have a fairly  normal day on Saturday, August 20th, - meet at Confederation Bridge, tour part of PEI, stop for lunch, stop for some points of interest in the afternoon, then have a meal together Saturday night.  What will be different is that we are not going to have an actual car show on Sunday.  We plan to have one or two breakfast location options for people to stop at on their way home.  We generally receive the most positive feedback about the Saturday event anyway, and since we are a small club, there is some concern about putting too much effort into a show this year in case Covid reappears and causes us to cancel and have those efforts wasted this year.  If things continue the right way going forward, we will be looking at a car show again in 2023.

Despite there being no actual show, we hope lots of you can make it over as we really appreciate the support we get from your clubs.   
Due to Covid, the membership numbers have shrunk.  Hopefully, this will be a rebuilding year and we can attract some new blood to the club.  We currently have about 20 membership families.
We hope to have some representation at all the other club shows this year and we thank the organizers of each show – we know and appreciate the work you put into your event.
No long trips planned for 2022, and I don't believe anyone has signed up for the 2024 Caravan.   I would certainly like to do that trip again since we enjoyed it in 2003, 2009, 2014 and highly recommend everyone doing it at least once.

Our executive for 2022:
President:  Errol Callbeck
Vice-President:  Basil Hambly
Treasurer:  Doug MacDonald
Events Coordinator:  Kingsley Lewis
Kingsley is our lead email contact:
Feel free to contact me anytime:

Thank you to everyone for being here and we look forward to the bright sunny days ahead in Summer 2022.
Respectfully submitted,
Errol Callbeck, President PEICC

Presented by Wanda Gadd.  During the last 2 years, RVV has maintained a membership of 36 cards and we also have continued to meet every Tuesday night for a club ice cream run.  Because of the pandemic, we have had more involvement with this weekly event.  We also meet every Saturday for a run that is planned by a member.  We try to go somewhere that we had wanted to go each year but with the ongoing shows they were overlooked.  So a lot of places were visited while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.   Members were able to attend 2 car shows last year.
This summer will be different.  Our weekly breakfast meeting on the 3rd Sunday of the month will resume.  Our summer events calendar is full (it was shared during the meeting).  Unfortunately the RVV show has been cancelled for this summer, having lost our main sponsor.  A new sponsor, Fox Chevrolet, has been secured and for their grand opening they will host our annual RVV car show in 2023.

Executive remains the same:
President – Wanda Gadd,
Secretary – David Griggs
Treasurer - Julia Patriquin

PS – a trip to Bouctouche, NB is being planned for May 21st.  Wanda will reach out to Angela.

The Maritime Meet for 2022 will be held on July 15-17. Registration closes May 31st. Registration is online.  There are still accommodations available in Yarmouth.   Currently 80 registrants (including 30+ from the USA; 3 from Ontario; 1 from the Netherlands).
Friday:  Parade starts at 6 pm from the Yarmouth Mall parking lot (off Pleasant St, next to Lawtons Drugs).  Meet & Greet at Dolly's Pub afterwards til 9-10 pm.  Free finger foods and giveaways.
Saturday:  Car show starts at 10 a.m. til 4 p.m.  Boat cruise leaves at 7 p.m. for approx 3 hours (aim for 6 pm to board).
Sunday:  everyone says goodbye and travels home with big smiles.

President – Amanda Hines
Vice-President – Jody Crook
Secretary – Kim Gilby
Treasurer – Rick Latimer
Director at Large – Tom Kennedy Jr
Past President – Ivan Hines
There are 6 Chapter Reps across N.S.
Thank you,
Ivan Hines

Presented by Bob Cormier, the club has 113 members/families.
Mark the calendar for June 11th Corvette show at Lounsburys, West Main Street, Moncton.  Details/Invitations will be going out via email.
Our club will be participating in the Vettes of Coastal Maine Bar Harbor weekend on June 2-5; a Corvette Invasion show in Kingston, Ontario, from June 17-19; the CCNS Yarmouth show on July 15-17; CSNB Poker Run on August 5-6; PEICC weekend on Aug 20-21; Corvettes at Carlisle on Aug 25-27; plus our own club day trips planned.

Meeting adjourned with next meeting scheduled for October 22, 2022.

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