GMCC Monthly Meeting June 6 2022

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Monthly Meeting
June 6, 2022 – Lounsbury Chev Dealership
The meeting began at 7:05 with our President Bob welcoming everyone.  In attendance was Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Bob Cormier, Mary & Paul Coxon, Tom & Teri Osler, Marc & Sandra Melanson, Dave Fyffe & daughter, Trueman Copp & Margaret Mayes, Scott Mullin, Derwin Cooling, Ed LeBlanc, Carrie Ann & Richard Rioux.
Minutes of the May 2nd meeting were read.  Motion to accept by Roger and seconded by Ed.  Motion carried to accept the minutes as read.
Old Business:    Update on the C8 photo won by Don MacAulay.  He has decided to accept the photo and has picked it up.
1.   On May 14th – Cruise along the coast.  15 vettes took the club's first cruise of the season, guided by Bob, along the Northumberland coast.  From Moncton to Aulac for a quick stop and picking up 2 more vettes, then to Port Elgin for another stop and adding 1 more vette, now 18 vettes in the group.  Drive continued through Shemogue, following along a shore road to Little Cape Wharf for a photo stop.  From there the group proceeded to the final stop at Pointe-du-Chene Wharf where a few prizes were handed out to finish the day.
2.   May 21st  – Guided by Roger & Angie, we took a drive to Pocalogan.  Leaving Moncton we travelled to Saint John for lunch at various restaurants.  Afterward, we were met by Sylvia & Don Blanchard from Corvettes of Sourthern NB.  More of their members were expected to join but the weather was not great.  This brought out total to 14 Corvettes.  We headed to Lepreau Falls where we stopped for a quick break because of the drizzle.  Then to Dipper Harbour where we took pictures of the cars and fishing boats.  From that stop, we continued on the ride home.  We had planned on stopping at the Reversing Falls Restaurant for lunch, however they are closed.
3.   May 22nd – Miss Teen Atlantic Pageant night.  There were 10 Corvette volunteers who showed up to transport the Contestants, Judges and a few Mayors to the red carpet.  It was a great time, a lot of smiles and excitement.  We made 4 trips total.  Thanks to everyone who came out.
4.   June 2-5th – Bar Harbor Trip.  We left Moncton on Thursday with 10 Corvettes, stopping for breaks and food along the way.  Then it was check-in and relax, with a few ending up in a meet & greet hotel bar, others in a party room and some just relaxing in their own room.    On Friday  Roger & Angie gathered up 5 Corvettes for a drive and visit of the Fort Knox (the one without the money) and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory.  We took the elevator ride up the bridge column to the observatory at 420 feet above the water below.  It was fun for most, a little scary for others.  The weather turned on us and it rained.  We will save Cadillac Mountain for another trip.  During the evening, we attended a meet and greet for all participants.  The GMCC members finished the evening with a pizza party.   On Saturday was the big show and tour/drive.  The show is held in a ball field downtown, approx 150 vettes took part.   After the show, about half the group went for a drive through the Acadia National Park, while some relaxed or went shopping.   Saturday evening was the Denim & Diamonds event where we had a great time.  Great food and dancing.  Our club received 2nd place for Club Participation, losing to the NS Corvette Club, only by 1 or 2.  We will try to win next year.   On Sunday, everyone made their way home, taking different routes.    It was a fantastic weekend.   Thanks to Debbie Shepard and Dan Doiron from VOCM and all the staff at the Inns, Hotels, Motels.
5.   IWK – Autism – sponsor feedback.  Group discussion reopened the motion of last month on continuing with sponsors going forward.  It was decided that another motion would be made as follows:  Tom Osler made the motion to amend the charity motion of the May 2nd meeting to include Autism as our primary charity and add IWK as another of our charities.   Roger seconded the motion and majority accepted this change.
Financial Report.  Opening balance was corrected from the last minutes, due to a minor bank charge amendment.  Total income as of May 31st was $1120.00, being $1000 from Lounsbury and $120 from membership renewals; total charges were $1282.87 as follows: $504.12 to Speed Sport supplies, $75. To NAACC for membership, $700 to Autism (donations collected at Speed Sport), $3.75 bank charge.  Leaving us with a closing balance of $xxxx.xx.     Motion to accept this report by Carrie Ann, seconded by Trueman, financial report accepted. 
Bills for payment presented for postage & sympathy cards for $18.52, $147.15 for oil (to be reimbursed by Quad C) and gas cards $50.  Motion to pay those bills made by Richard and seconded by Paul.  All agreed to have bills paid.
Membership.  Mary confirms that the membership is now at 121 members.  She suspects we may get new joins at the Lounsbury upcoming show.
New Business.
1.   June 11th Saturday – Lounsbury Corvette show.  We need volunteers for the registration table and for parking the cars.  (registration volunteers are Angie, Darlene, Carrie Ann, Teri, and Helen).   Everyone should arrive by 8:30 a.m.  to help set things up before vettes start arriving.
2.   Clothing order.  May has an order for approx $1200.00, including a few name tags.  These should be received before the Atlantic Nationals.
3.   June 18th – day trip being planned by Bob for the Covered Bridge chip factory.  There is no production at the moment but a tour is still possible.   More details will be sent in an email.
4.   June 17-19  - Kingston Invasion, Ontario, for those attending.
5.   June 25-26 – Open weekend, nothing planned.  Roger has offered that perhaps he can organize a trip to Pictou with a tour of King's Transport owner private collection.  He will set something up and an email will be sent with info.
6.   July 6-11 – Atlantic Nationals.  See info on their web site.  Don't forget that registration is only available online this year. 
7.   July 7 – potential run for Corvette owners on Thursday of the Atlantic Nationals (if Roger doesn't have to work).
8.   July 23/24 weekend - Carrie Ann will update us with an email about the trip to Campbellton.
9.   Bob has purchased oil and will be reimbursed by Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs (Quad C).  These will be sold at auction like last year.  An email for bids will be sent soon.
10.   We received a thank you card from Linda & Leander for recognizing the loss of his mom.
Meeting adjourned at 8:33 p.m. with our new member winning $15 in the 50/50 draw.  Congratulations to Derwin and welcome to the Greater Moncton Corvette Club.
Minute Taker
Angela Bourgeois

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