Lobster Run

Started by Ricko, September 06, 2022, 09:53:03 AM

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Meet at the Riverview Petro Can at 9:30 am
Turn onto Bridgedale Blvd 
Next turn left onto Pine Glen Rd.——continue on Pine Glen rd past Bacchus Motorcycle Club House
Turn left @ Osborne Corner—loose gravel only at the intersection—-towards Hillsborough
Look towards horizon-you will see Memramcook in the distance across the river
Go past the new Hillsborough Baptist  Church and then turn right at corner to Hillsborough 
We will have a bathroom break here due to the fact  when we go to Studio on the Marsh, there are no washroom facilities
Then on to Hopewell Cape , Shepody Mtns ahead

Look to the left to see Grindstone Island . They use to make grindstones here and export them to the US and England, hence the name Grindstone Island . 
Wainwright (Pappy) Weston was the last lighthouse keeper on the island where he raised his family . Pappy is a member of NB Music Hall of Fame
Shepody Bay on the left
Go straight  through to 915 W
This was a community marsh where the community allowed people in community to graze their cattle
Jamie Keiver farm ahead  has 1000 cattle

At Harvey, turn left to Michelle Larsons "Studio on the Marsh" .
 Here we are going to sell tickets  @ $2. Each or 3 for $5 for an opportunity to win a limited edition of Lars Lawson print "Pintail Comeback"donated by Trueman Copp. Moneys going toward GMCC charity. Draw to take place today at Goshen Snowmobile Club.
Ducks Unlimited president Mac Dunfield is going to give a short presentation on the marsh.
Also you will have an opportunity to see and buy  some "one of a kind" items.

We will go past HaHa cemetery
Nova Scotia is across the Bay of Fundy  you see on the left
Next we go to Cape Enrage to park  for some picture taking.
Next is our last stop Alma where we can purchase lobsters, sticky buns, donuts etc.
One hour to our last stop Goshen Snowmobile Club where we will be able to have our lobsters etc. 

See you then

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