GMCC Monthly Meeting November 7, 2022

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club

Nov 7,22 7pm

Lounsbury Meeting Room

Present:  Bob Cormier, Marc and Sandra Melanson, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Paul and Monique Girouard, Scott Mullin, Don MacAulay, Betty Mae Madden, Tom and Teri Osler, Darlene Estabrooks and Ray Cormier, Margaret Mayes, Dave and Kim MacPherson, Dave Fyffe and Tina, Gary Gaskin and by video Linda Gauvin.

President welcomed all to the meeting.

Minutes of last month's meeting have been posted and sent prior to the meeting, there being no question minutes approved.

Past Events: a) Don MacAulay provided details of the run to Waldow Dairy Farms in Cornhill and Old Bavarian Restaurant on Oct 8.  Most had the opportunity to meet and greet over 800 animals, it was a great outing for all.

b)  Oct 22 ACCCC meeting held at Lounsbury's with President and Roger Bourgeois attending from GMCC, Sylvis, Kingsley and Ivan also present.  Most clubs had a great year. Saint John is adding Friday night show and shine to their event for 2023, PEI Vette Fest for 2023 is being planned and the Yarmouth show is adding all day events for Friday members planning to participate should plan on booking their room for Thursday night.  The boat cruise they are hoping to have a bus shuttle to new area.

On the same date, Dave and Kim MacPherson along with Roger and Angela Bourgeois had a last-minute run to Grand Lake and it was beautiful scenery, a trip that should be put on the calendar for 2023.

c) Oct 23 Leaves and Lobster Run organized by Trueman Copp and Margaret Mayes. From Petro can participants went to Studio on the Marsh where they were treated to snacks including caribou and elk cheese and crackers and sweets. Michelle and Mac were terrific hosts, Mac providing great history of the Ducks Unlimited.  From there we travelled to Cape Enrage although closed for the season was an amazing site and great group photo was taken. From there we travelled to Alma Lobster shop to pick up lobsters, goodies at Bakery and for some, lunch at Muddy Rudder.  From there we travelled to Goshen Snowmobile Club to have our lunch.  We celebrated 2 birthdays of Margaret which was that day and Roger which was a few days earlier, everyone enjoyed cake, lots for all.    Tickets were sold on Lars Larsen print donated by Trueman and was won by Rick and Helen, raising $160.  Michelle also donated a percentage of sales at Studio.  Organizers requested $210 raised be donated to IWK, all in agreement, money to go to IWK. A gas card won by Bob and Carolyn and other clothing prizes donated by Glen Pinto's son and die cast car by Bob were drawn for.  The club purchased 2 tickets to the Snowmobile Club fundraiser as we had fewer participants this year and we were quite late for our lunch at the club.  Members also participated in fundraiser by purchasing other tickets.  Big thank you to Trueman and Margaret for putting this great day together.   

d)  Oct 29 8 corvettes, one truck and one SUV participated in Halloween Run organized by Angela Bourgeois, to St Anselme, Dover Road to Memramcook.  The oldest headstone, 1763, was found by Debbie MacPherson, winning 2 coffee mugs.  Treats handed out to participants.  Great tour of Monument Lefevre Museum, coffee, tea, cider, and snacks provided.  Donation of $20 made by Roger to Breast Cancer on behalf of club, motion made by Margaret seconded by Rick that club reimburse Roger, all in favor motion carried.  Angela wanted to thank all who participated in this season ending cruise. 

e) Margaret advised that when Cindy Wilcox from Fast Past was in town, she contacted her and treated herself and Roger and Angela to lunch at Jean's Diner.

Treasurers Report: Provided by Tom, credits $80.50 Debits 1.25, two outstanding cheques for IWK and Autism of $3600 uncashed, closing balance of XXXXX.  Cheque to IWK sent by Angela and Bob dropped off cheque to Autism prior to meeting.  Motion to accept moved by Marc seconded by Ray, all in favor, motion carried.

Bills for Payment: Gas card for lobster run in the amount of $25 and $200 for club to participate in tickets for Snowmobile club fundraising.  Money collected from Leaves and Lobster Run $160 from sale of tickets on Lars Larsen Painting donated by Trueman and $50 from Michelle for sales at the Studio to be donated to IWK.  Motion to accept by Marc seconded by Ray, all in favor motion carried.

Membership Update: Teri advised membership for 2022 mow at 140, 2 new will be put toward 2023 list.

New Business: 1) Breakfast at Knights of Columbus scheduled for Nov 13, 8:30 am. Email will be sent out to remind all.

2)Election of Officers, Helen reported that after 2 emails being sent to request participation no further nominees had been received.  Executive elected for 2023 President – Marc Melanson, Vice President – vacant, Secretary-Helen Estabrooks, Treasurer – Tom Osler, Communications and Membership – Teri Osler, Fast Past – Dave MacPherson, Web – Rick Estabrooks.  Position of Vice President will be reviewed at December meeting.

3) Tom made a motion to change the charities' percentage to 60% for Autism and 40% to IWK, the motion defeated.  Percentage to remain at 50% for each for 2023.  Discussion ensued related to how the club could help Autism at the Nationals in 2023 with volunteers to help with the BBQ.

4) Tom made motion that all moneys raised at the upcoming Christmas Party be distributed to Autism, majority in favor therefore all proceeds from Christmas Party be distributed to Autism.

5) Email will be sent by Teri regarding VOCM and Yarmouth shows for 2023.

6)  Linda Gauvin provided update of plans for Christmas Party on Dec 17, 56 participants have notified Linda they plan to attend, she must provide payment to caterer, Gastons, by Nov 25, further email will be sent by Teri regarding that date, 16 have paid to date.  The meal chosen will be $34 per person with the club paying a service fee of 10% or $190.  Music is being taken care of by Angela.  Silent Auction items are still being requested. Evelyne and Sharon have agreed to collect at the door. Games are being set up for participants as well as C8 simulator.  The theme is ugly Christmas hats, folks can still wear sweaters if desired.  Supper is set for 6:30. Marc made a call to confirm we can get in hall at 4pm for set up, there will be a cash bar, fee for club additional $75, and we have extended the venue hours until 1 am.  Thanks to Linda for all the work she has done in organizing this event for us.

7) Email will be sent to remind everyone of 2023 dues.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 by Dave.

 Winner of 50/50 Darlene in amount of $26.00.

Next meeting is Dec 5, 7pm.



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Bob Cormier

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