GMCC Monthly Meeting ,Dec 5 2022

Started by Ricko, December 07, 2022, 02:28:37 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Dec 5,22 7PM
Lounsbury Meeting Room
Present:  Helen and Rick Estabrooks, Dave Fyffe, Sandra and Marc Melanson, Dave and Kim MacPherson, Don MacAulay, Tom and Teri Osler, Angela and Roger Bourgeois, Darlene Estabrooks and Ray Cormier, Bob Cormier and by video Linda Gauvin.
President welcomed all to the meeting.
Minutes of last meeting have been posted to web page and sent by email prior to meeting, accepted as posted, motion made by Tom seconded by Marc all in favor motion carried.
Old Business:  1) Linda provided update on plans for Christmas Party, 58 confirmed including the bartender, payment has already been received for more than half.  Collection will be made at the door for remainder, please bring cash.  There will be door prizes, also, prizes for best hat.  There will be games with prizes.  Individual bags of chips have been purchased due to covid and influenza issues.  16 items for silent auction have been provided but extra forms will be available for last minute donations.  Pens will be needed for sheets for silent auction.  Club to take extra pens.  Bar will be cash only.  Registration sheets will be available at the door for 2023 season.  Dinner is at 6 and doors open at 4 to set up.  Linda advised she has kept the spending to $260.87 of $300 budget.  The club will pay the gratuities $200.60.  She will also provide notes for the person who decides to organize this event for the following years. Marc has agreed to pay the hall rental, the clean up fee, and expenses for bartender and meal $259.  These fees to be kept in mind for organizing this event in the future.
2) Cheque for $210 donation to IWK from Leaves and Lobster run given to Angela to distribute.
Membership Update :  Teri advised we have 11 paid for 2023 season.
Financial Report:  Provided by Treasurer, Tom, credits $386 debits of $2031.04 closing balance XXXXX.  Cheque for $1800 to IWK outstanding and the $210 for IWK given to Angela tonight.      Balance XXXX.  Motion to accept report made by Rick seconded by Roger, all in favor, motion carried.
Proceeds from Christmas party to be distributed after January meeting to Autism, once final expenses are determined.  Also, donations to other charities.
Motion made by Dave that club set minimum of $1000 to start future years, seconded by Rick, all in favor, motion carried.  Club is required to pay $100 to Maritime Sports Hall of Fame, $75 to NAACCC and at least $400 to CCCC for memberships.
Bills for payment:  Linda $260.87 for Christmas party, $200.60 for gratuities to caterer, will be paid after the Christmas party.  Anyone confirmed for the party who do not attend will be expected to pay the $34 fee.
New Business: 1) Angela motioned that the club provide turkeys to the Sue Stultz turkey drive seconded by Marc, all in favor motion carried.  As club finances are low Marc donated $50 and club provided further $50 to provide Angela budget of $100.
2)  Lounsbury Show set for June 10, 2023.  There will be food truck on site.
3)  Motion by Dave and seconded by Angela that membership fees for the 3 elected President, Secretary and Treasurer by waved for 2023 season.   All in favor, motion carried.
4)  Position of Vice President vacant.  Angela nominated Roger, seconded by Ray, Roger agreed to accept nomination.  All in favor, motion carried.  As Roger has already paid membership fee he will be reimbursed.
5)  Teri has been asked to send emails reminding members dues for 2023 are now due.  Christmas Party is cash preferred; bar is cash only; silent auction is cash only and doors open at 4 for anyone who wishes to help out.
6)  Everyone thanked Bob for taking on the role of President for the year.
7)  Angela asked to receive membership list from Teri as she controls the facebook page membership.
Meeting adjourned at 8.14 pm by Marc.
Next meeting Jan 9, 23, Teri asked to send email as date changed due to holiday.
Winner of 50/50 in the amount of $18 was Darlene.

Helen Estabrooks

Bob Cormier

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