GMCC Monthly Meeting Jan. 9/2023

Started by Ricko, January 10, 2023, 02:23:35 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Jan 9,23 7PM
Lounsbury Meeting Room

Present :  Marc Melanson, Steve Perry, Helen and Rick Estabrooks, Roger Bourgeois, Darlene Estabrooks and Ray Cormier, Dave Fyffe and Tina, Scott Mullin, Trueman Copp and Margaret Mayes, Kim and Dave MacPherson, Tom and Teri Osler, Debbie and Derwin Cooling, Al Trahan.
President Marc Melanson welcomed all present to the first meeting of 2023, as there were new members, all present introduced themselves.
Minutes of Dec meeting posted to web site and sent prior to meeting were corrected, Roger did not want reimbursed his dues for the year when accepting position of Vice President.  All in favor minutes accepted.
Old Business :  Christmas Party was a success, 57 members ordered meals and one meal for bartender, 8 could not attend for various reasons but everyone paid.  Thanks to Scott for bringing the C8 simulator and thanks for renting the van to transport it to the hall.  He advised he did not wish to be reimbursed for this cost.  Thanks to Linda for all her efforts in organizing this event. She provided detailed report of the party planning and expenses to help with future events.  This report is with the minutes.
Marc advised he has contacted Gil from the Knights of Columbus hall to save a date in Nov for this years Christmas Party and will be contacting Michele to see if he would be available to cater this event.  Once confirmed email will be sent to members.
Treasurer Report : Provided by Tom.  Opening balance XXXXX, income $3623, $1353 from the Christmas Party, Expenses $4452.71, balance XXXXX.  Treasurer will contact bank re account to determine why charges so high.  No outstanding cheques uncashed.  Balance includes 23 paid for 2023 year.  Motion to accept made by Dave seconded by Rick, all in favor, motion carried.
Bills for Payment :  Roger $100 for turkeys for Sue Stultz turkey drive.  Motion to accept bill for payment made by Debbie seconded by Rick, all in favor, motion carried.
Tom to pay $600 to Quad C, dues to NAACCC and Maritime Sports Hall of Fame to be paid when bills received.  Autism Resource Centre representative will be invited to February meeting to receive donation from the proceeds of Christmas Party.
Membership Update:  Teri advised we have 46 registered for 2023 season to date.
New Business :1)  Rick will invite Frank to February meeting to discuss website, bill received from Go Daddy to be paid by March 8, $89.40 American Funds plus taxes, SSL was paid last year and covers another year.  Questions for Frank to be sent to Rick.
2)  Thankyou cards have been received from our charities IWK and Autism Resource Centre, they were passed around so members could review and will be kept with the minutes.
3)  18 month calendar to raise funds for our charities will be organized by Marc contacting Advocate Printing, hope to have from June 2023 to Dec 2024 and have ready for Speed Sport East.  Pricing will be obtained and reviewed at next meeting.  An email will be sent to members to submit pics of their cars with deadline date and then each will receive a number and numbers will be drawn to make the process fair.
4)  Dates for Rick to add to calendar, Knights of Columbus Breakfast Murphy Ave Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 19 and Apr 16, third Sunday of the month.
June 10 Lounsbury Car Show
Knights of Columbus Breakfast 84 Broadway Feb 1 then 1st Sunday of each month.
5)  Planning meeting for summer calendar to be held after breakfast at Knights of Columbus Feb 19, we will ask if we can use one of their classrooms for this meeting.  An email will be sent by Teri asking members for their suggestions for outings and dates.
Meeting adjourned by Roger 8:07.
Next meeting Feb 6 at 7pm.
50/50 winner of $18.00 was Dave.
Corvette Mug left from Christmas Party auctioned, Marc for $40, however Rick came out the big winner.
Helen Estabrooks

Marc Melanson 

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