Event pictures Status and Directions

Started by BlueThunder, May 25, 2022, 07:14:40 PM

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Greetings members.

The pictures have been restored

All are back on the site (over 3500), viewable and reconnected to the event posts. However, some did not escape corruption and when you try to view them, they will come up all black or looking psychedelic.
It looks like about 95+%  made the trip intact, but for example Roger's post from Nov / 2021 come up all black, while  a bunch of previous events that I tested  all come up nealy all normal. The corrupted ones could be re uploaded if anyone stiil has the originals kicking around.



Is it possible to have the pictures show up without downloading them?
That is how it used to work, like a photobook.
But now we have to download each picture to view it.
Very strange.

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