GMCC Monthly Meeting August 7/23

Started by Ricko, September 05, 2023, 02:49:15 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Aug 7, 2023
Present: Marc and Sandra Melanson, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Ray Cormier and Darlene Estabrooks, Dave Fyffe, Ed LeBlanc, Tom and Teri Osler, Derwin Cooling and Debbie Legge, Roger Bourgeois, Dave and Kim MacPherson, Scott Mullin
Meeting called to order by President Marc Melanson who thanked everyone for coming on a holiday.
Minutes of last meeting on site and circulated, corrections to be made Petitcodiac BBQ scheduled for Aug 13.  St. Antoine car show Sept 17.  Helen advised will be corrected on site and calendar updated correctly by Rick.  Teri will send email to members with corrections.  Motion by Tom seconded by Roger to accept minutes with corrections, all in favor, motion carried.
Treasurers Report:  Provided by Tom Osler, credits $1969.34 which included memberships of $240, 50/50 from last meeting $25,50, 50/50 Saturday Nationals $325 to be forwarded to Camp Triumph, Sunday 50/50 $175 to be allotted to Christmas Party, fund raiser from pressure washer ticket sales $200 to be forwarded to IWK, 37 calendar sales $740, sponsorship $150. Mobile Oil sale $100, Pay Pal $13.84; Debits of $1053.84 included $250 to Marc for purchase of gas cards, Donation to Autism $790, Pay Pal $13.84.  No outstanding cheques.
Balance XXXXX.  Moved by Roger seconded by Ray to accept, all in favor, motion carried.  Roger gave Treasurer $120 for sale of 5 calendars.
Bills for Payment: Angie thank you notes to sponsors Atlantic Nationals $10.58 buckets for 50/50, caution tape $29.88, total $51.97.  Motion by Dave seconded by Debbie to pay Angela for expenses, all in favor, motion carried.
Old Business: 1) Roger provided update from Atlantic Nationals, he and Angela hosted 1 couple from Newfoundland and their brother from Ontario at home on for car wash on Wed night, later 6 couples went out to supper including the group who came from Maine for the show.  Thursday, he organized and took the group to Michel LeBlanc's through Shediac.  Michael showed us around has new stuff all around inside and out, more stuff than you can imagine.  Number of persons inside at one time had to be limited due to space. From there lunch reservations were at La Aboiteau and as the restaurant had been booked, they blocked off a parking area for the vettes next to the restaurant.  Everyone had a great meal and quick service.  After relaxing group went to Confederation Bridge ( Cape Jermaine ) to take pictures.  After pictures group headed back to Moncton to the downtown car show and music.  Gas card won by Ernie, one of the Maine group.
Saturday, we had our car show at the Nationals, thankyou to everyone who helped out with taping off field, installing banners and signs, parking cars, selling tickets.  We had over 104 cars give or take.
Sunday, we had the same spot with more than 50 vettes returning for the day.
2)  Roger also provided update on trip to Yarmouth which he reported was lots of fun. He led group from Moncton to Masstown Market for stop, then around shore through Maitland, lunch in Windsor, then on to Yarmouth.  He had the misfortune of picking up a hook in his tire when entering the parking lot to the hotel but it was soon rectified.  The group toured a lobster plant, distillery which made caramel vodka, which was very good. Group then came back for the Greet and Meet Friday night with lots of finger food and live auctioneer NSCC raised over $6000 for their charity Feed NS.  Music was great with some members dancing.  Car show was Saturday with some of our members picking up prizes.  6 cars from Maine attended the show which was a great show.  Most went on the boats for visit, chowder and music on Tusket Island which I heard was great time.  We went to Boston Pizza with some NS friends who were there on the Club's behalf.  Sunday, we came home.   Gas card won by Cedric Gionet.
3)  Ed advised he wished to apologize to Angie and Roger for leaving the group after the restaurant on Wednesday during the Nationals, he realized that he had cars following him by mistake, he was ill after lunch and had to get home.  He advised he knew how much work both had put in to arranging this day for out-of-town guests and knew he was not to leave the group before heading to Cape Jermaine.  He asked that the apology be in the minutes. Roger advised the apology was accepted and all would move on from here.
4)  Update of tour of today Alpaca Farm in Rogersville. 10 cars participated, had excellent tour of additions to farm and property.  Farm was very accommodating. Reminder that members can stop at the gift shop for all Alpaca wool accessories.  Gas card drawn and winners Chanel and Judy Michaud.
New Business:  1)  Campbelltown Run Aug 19th.  Group needs to be in Bathurst for 11 am to meet with Bertrand Drapeau.  Roger will leave Magnetic Hill McDonalds at 8am and will travel up the 126 to Miramichi.  From there depending on construction.  Teri to send email to members.
2) Club BBQ this weekend, Aug 13 at 3pm.  Right now, 12 have advised they are attending but Teri will send another email this week before purchasing food, members are asked to bring their own drinks.  Club will reimburse the cost of food and coffee pods.  Roger will lead group from Needs on Elmwood Drive to St. Antoine leaving at 2pm, Teri will send member's email.
3)  Members are asked to think about volunteering for position on executive for 2024, positions open are President, Vice President, Secretary.  Tom is willing to stay on as Treasurer for another year, Teri as Communications and Membership and Rick as calendar.  Others may want to put their names forward for these positions as well.  Election of officers November and December.  Teri to send email once duties of positions are clarified with constitution.  Marc has advised with working and his schedule he has only been able to attend 2 runs this year and he really does not have time to dedicate to the position. Roger thanked him for stepping up this year to take on the roll.  Helen advised she would like at least a year break from the position.  Roger advised he would like someone else to take the position of Vice but that he will be there to provide guidance.
4)  Dave advised Don plans to have a run to Hillsborough Museum on Aug 26.  There is a Farmers Market there on Saturdays.  Members would be asked to bring picnic lunch, more details to follow with email from Teri.  Gas cars has been provided for trip as well as $100 donation to museum to pay entrance cost for members.  Motion made by Dave seconded by Ed that $100 be provided by club, all in favor, motion carried.
5)  126 Calendars are still for sale; Teri will send email encouraging members to purchase before they are sold out. 
Meeting adjourned by Rick at 8:03 pm.
Next meeting Sept 4.
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