GMCC Monthly Meeting November 6/2023

Started by Ricko, November 07, 2023, 11:55:15 AM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Nov 6, 23 Lounsbury's Meeting Room 7pm
Present:  Marc and Sandra Melanson, Ray Cormier, Bob Richard, Roger and Leontine Boudreau, Roger Bourgeois, Debbie Legge and Derwin Cooling, Margaret Mayes and Trueman Copp, Dave and Kim MacPherson, Teri and Tom Osler, Rick and Helen Estabrooks.
Meeting called to order by President Marc Melanson.
Minutes of last meeting posted on web site and sent prior to meeting, there being no reported errors or omissions, moved by Dave and seconded by Roger Bourgeois to accept, all in favor, minutes accepted.
Treasurers Report:  Provided by Tom Osler, credits nil, debits - bank charges $3.46, cheque 282 Train Museum $100, cheque 285 IWK $200 total debits $303.46.  Balance XXXX.  Outstanding cheque 286 Camp Triumph $325, Roger Bourgeois advised Angie would send to them.  Note deposits to be made this week in the amount of $692.50, which included cheque Roger Bourgeois had picked up from Lounsbury in the amount of $600 for registration to Speed Sport 2023, Tom advised he had made numerous attempts to deposit however issue with staff and hours of operation at our financial institution.  Tom made motion to accept seconded by Debbie, all in favor, motion carried.
Discussion regarding changing financial institution, with result that Marc would contact Royal Bank and bring information to Dec meeting.
Bills for Payment:  Roger Bourgeois $23.54 for postage and hot dogs for summer party, paid out of petty cash.  Helen requested $300 for Christmas Party bills to date $79 and change and she will purchase items for door prizes and spot dances.  Excess funds to be returned after the party, as this had been previously offered motion not required, cheque to be issued at end of meeting.
Old Business:  1) Roger Bourgeois provided recap of ACCC meeting held Oct 21 at Lounsbury's meeting Room.  Full notes are in minutes binder.  Of note events for 2024, Speed Sport East in April, Bar Harbour May 30 – June 2, Lounsbury Car Show June 8, Atlantic Nationals July 3-7, Yarmouth Maritime Meet July 19-20 with Registration starting Jan 17, Bathurst Weekend Sept 20-21, Saint John Moon Glow Car Show and Poker Run Sept 27-28, not definite if it will be held again yet.
Registration is out for Bar Harbour and book early, under ACCC, Atlantic Canada Corvette Club, we are hoping to have a large representation.  We are going as Canadians and a T-shirt may be produced for the occasion, some ACCC decals for cars are left but not many.
2)  Roger Bourgeois thanked Trueman and Margaret for all the organization, planning and leading the Lobster Run, our last run of the season, it was a bit wet and cool in the morning, cleared in the afternoon, well attended.  Gas card drawn this evening, Marc picked Roger and Angie as winners.
New Business: 1) Helen provided update on plans for our Christmas Party Nov 25 at Father Patrice LeBlanc Centre 91 Murphy Ave Moncton, NB time for doors to open to be provided in coming days, supper 6:30 pm full turkey dinner with coffee, tea, dessert, buffet style served by our Chef.  Cost $32 per person, which must be paid in advance, 44 attendees so far and those who have not sent etransfer or paid in cash will be contacted this week, deadline to advise attendance will be Nov 15, an email will be sent again by Teri this week, there is no dress theme, no exchange of gifts, a new take on how our silent auction will be conducted, already we have items donated by Ann Perry, Tom and Teri, GMCC - $25 gas card, Renee and Darin, Lounsbury's swag box with numerous items, MacDonald Corvettes,  Bob Richard 2 wash buckets, Trueman Copp, Dave and Kim, and Evelyne. Folks will get to dance to music provided by Rick and there will be door prizes and spot dance prizes. Many have volunteered to help with set up, greeting at the door, taking registrations for 2024 and silent auction and anything else that is needed, much appreciated.
2)  Election of Officers President and Vice President Vacant no one volunteered, Secretary – Helen has agreed to continue with conditions, Treasurer – Tom, Events, Web Page – Rick, Correspondence, registrations, and emails – Teri.
In light of the vacant positions, Roger Bourgeois is proposing the meeting in Dec be held as usual, he and Marc to chair, there will be no meetings in Jan and Feb and meeting to be held in March if someone steps up to take President and/or Vice President, if not then someone to coordinate and take on organizing Speed Sport in April.  Try one more time to sell remaining calendars at Christmas Party and if someone wants one mailed to add $5.00 to the $20.00 charge.  At the December meeting divide and send the calendar money to our charities and other money raised from Christmas party.  Please submit all bills for payment at this meeting. Decide money to be spent on other charities, as in the past.  Have motion to pay dues to CCCC, Maritime Sports Hall of Fame and NAACCC when bills received.
Helen's condition to have meetings scheduled for holiday Mondays to be changed to another date reviewed.  Motion by Roger Bourgeois and seconded by Teri that the holiday meeting be changed to Tuesday of that week, will be reflected in minutes and date sent prior to meeting, highlighted to avoid calls to Angie or Roger on when the meeting is, all in favor, motion carried.
Regardless there will be no meetings in Jan or Feb.
Note our club has 150 cars registered that is potentially 300 people that could step up to take on the position of President and Vice President, Roger Bourgeois and Marc Melanson are still going to be around to help with guidance and answer questions.  People have busy work lives and get burnt out from being called on year after year.  For the success of this club please reconsider your decisions to not volunteer for executive positions.
Meeting adjourned by Rick.
Next meeting Dec 4, 7pm.
50/50 in the amount of $21 won by Kim.
Helen Estabrooks

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