December 5, 2011 Minutes

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Minutes of December 5, 2011
The December 5 meeting of the Greater Moncton Corvette Club was held in the Lounsburys meeting room with the following members present: Bob Surrette, Pat Roy, Dave & Louise Fife, Zelica and Alfred Landry, Paul Dunn, Dwight & Libby Rayworth, Art & Diane Belliveau, Roger & Leontine Boudreau, Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Wornick Price, Brent & Susan Crawford, Wayne Gillcash, Bob & Monica Richard, Gerry & Annette Warren, Steve White.
The November minutes stood as read.
A total of $8,106.02 was given to the Autism Resource Centre over the past year:
$763.50 – MacDonald Pontiac
$39.15 – Doug MacDonald Show Donation Box
$4,218.67 – Atlantic Nationals
$137.57 – Donation Box
$830.44 – Cruise to the Bay in July
$416.69 – Cruise to Bay in August
$1,775.00 – GMCC
Some Possible Event Dates for the Upcoming Year:
April 5,6,7 – Atlantic Speed Sport
June 15-17 – River Valley Vettes Show in Fredericton
July 12-15 – Atlantic Nationals
July 28 – Maritime Meet – Truro
August 18-19 – PEI Show
Our Christmas Party
Our Christmas Party will be held on December 10 at Hotel Moncton, 2779 Mountain Road - a Turkey Dinner Buffet for $16.00 a couple.
Financial Report
Balance to date is Motion: It was moved by Angie, seconded by Bob, that the financial report be accepted. Motion carried.
Bills for Payment
Stamps - $46.67 Motion: It was moved by Pat, seconded by Leontine, that this bill be paid. Motion carried.
Motion: It was moved by Angie, seconded by Brent, that we pay our membership in the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada – 15 members at $5 per member. Motion carried.
New Business
We have a total of 70 paid members for the year. The President thanked the Events Committee for helping us travel throughout the Maritimes and Quebec this past year.
Motion: It was moved by Dwight, seconded by Bob, that we donate $75 dollars towards turkeys for the Sue Stultz Turkey Drive. Motion carried.
The following nominations were received for positions on our Executive for the coming year:
President – Roger Bourgeois
Vice-President – Pat Roy
Secretary – Libby Rayworth
Treasurer – Wornick Price
Communications Director – Paul Dunn
Events Committee - Leontine Gould, Paul Dunn, Steve White, Charles Goguen.
There was a further call for nominations – and none were received. There was a motion by Angie, seconded by Wayne, that these people be declared elected to the Executive for 2012. Motion carried.
On a motion by Pat, seconded by Libby, the meeting was adjourned.
Libby won $19 in the 50/50 draw.
Libby Rayworth, Secretary
Greater Moncton Corvette Club

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