GMCC Monthly Meeting May 6 2024

Started by Ricko, May 07, 2024, 12:27:57 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
May 6, 2024
Lounsbury Meeting Room – 7pm
Present: Helen and Rick Estabrooks, Ray Cormier and Darlene Estabrooks, Debbie Legge and Derwin Cooling, Carrie Anne and Richard Rioux, Kim and Dave MacPherson, Angela and Roger Bourgeois, James LeBlanc, Dave Fyffe and Tina, Wayne Coster, Scott Mullin
 President Dave MacPherson welcomed all.
Minutes of April meeting, as most present had either reviewed on website or by email forwarded prior to meeting, it was determined not necessary to read.  Angela motioned they be corrected to Rheal Leger providing C3 entry for Speed Sport East, seconded by Debbie, all in favor, motion carried.  Angela motioned and Debbie seconded those minutes, with correction be accepted, all in favor, minutes accepted.
Webpage:  Rick to contact Go Daddy to take down incorrect information regarding membership fees and who to send registration form and money to as the page is not allowing updates as the fee and Treasurer changed.
Correspondence:  Read by Roger, Declaration by Province of NB, month of July 2024 declared as Automotive Heritage Month, with July 12 declared Collector Appreciation Day, in response to NAACC action re ethanol additive.  Sussex Downtown Business Association hosting Collector Car Appreciation Day July 12 from 5 – 8:30 pm on Main Street.
Also, email sent by Errol Callbeck, President of PEICC, advising of the passing of long-time executive member and supporter of club, Kingsley Lewis.  Angela will send a card on behalf of our club.
Dave advised he had picked up several pamphlets at Speed Sport East detailing events of car clubs in the area, they were on the front table, should anyone wish to review, would be available at end of the meeting.
Financial Report:  Treasurer, Roger provided update on closing of account at Uni certified cheque had been taken to RBC.  Membership fees increased to $35 as discussed at previous meeting to cover anticipated bank charges.  Bank charges this month were $8.39 when it was thought there was a 3-month grace period for new accounts.  Debits $400 for members passes who provided cars for display at Speed Sport East.  Petty Cash $133 as deposits appear to be costing a fee all loose change ie 50/50 from meetings will be added to Petty Cash total in future.  Invoice for $1000 sent to Lounsbury for yearly sponsorship has already been paid, reimbursement of $400 for members passes already received from Lounsbury, $1000 cash for best display at Speed Sport East has been picked up by Roger, these amounts have not been deposited.  $2700 in donations collected at Speed Sport East, for our charities has been deposited, thanks to everyone who provided cars for the show, those who worked at Speed Sport display setting up and tearing down, all members who provided die cast, match box or other cars to aid in this effort, and to Lindou who sold off some of his collection to help raise money.  Bank Balance XXXX.
Angela motioned seconded by Richard that cheques be sent to our charities Autism Resource Centre and IWK $1350 each to disperse the $2700 in donations collected.  All in favor, motion carried.
Roger moved and seconded by Scott that the Treasurers report be accepted.  All in favor, motion carried.
Bills for payment:  Roger $39.05 for sand for display for Speed Sport East to keep banners upright.  Motion by Rick seconded by Carrie Anne that Roger be paid, all in favor, motion carried.
Dave advised it is not known what the bill from Lloyds of Moncton is for the display curtains for Speed Sport East, until such time the $1000 winnings for best display should be kept then decide where the money should go, all in agreement.
ACCC meeting held during Speed Sport East weekend, minutes sent by email to members.
Trips:  Wayne provided update on train schedule regarding possible trip to Tressel bridge and Grand Falls, decision made to add to calendar for Aug 24.
Roger reviewed plans to date providing leaving times and locations, Rick to update calendar.
May 11 Pictou Run time change to 8 am leaving Irving Dieppe
May 25 Fredericton High School Model Car Show featuring corvettes, leaving McDonalds Magnetic Hill, details TBD watch for email
May 26 Knights of Columbus Breakfast 8:30 am, bring corvettes for mini car show in parking lot for couple hours, then run destination Scott to determine.
May 30 – June 2 Bar Harbour, leaving Mc Donalds Magnetic Hill 8 am Thursday and 8am Friday for those going Friday
June 1 Norton Run for those not attending Bar Harbour, leaving McDonalds Magnetic Hill 8 am, RSVP to Dave when email sent
June 15 Lounsbury Car Show
June 22/23 PEI run, accommodations available at Comfort Inn in  Charlottetown rates $200 - $220, leaving Dieppe Irving 8:30 to meet on other side Confederation Bridge 10 am, email from PEICC
June 29 Winery Tour to Crooked River Distillery, Dover Road, Dieppe, leaving Irving, Dieppe, 1:30 pm, will require RSVP to Angela. Rain date June 30.
July 3-7 Atlantic Nationals, emails to follow
July 12 Sussex Car Show, Collector Car Appreciation Day, leaving McDonalds Magnetic Hill 3 pm for arrival 5 pm.
July 18 – 21 CCNS Car Show with Seafest, CCNS 50th Anniversary, leaving Irving Dieppe, 8:30 am Thursday
July 27 Lavendar Run TBD
Aug 9-11 FREDROD Show and Shine, Fredericton, with Rust Valley Restorers, club to attend Aug 10 leaving McDonalds, Magnetic Hill 9 am
Aug 24 Train Tressel Grand Falls leaving McDonalds, Magnetic Hill 7 am
Sept 20-22 Fall Harvest, Bathurst, leaving Irving, Dieppe 9am
Sept 27 Moon Glow Saint John, leaving McDonalds, Magnetic Hill 3 pm, watch for email for those wishing to stay over night for poker run on Saturday
Oct 6 Rhys Run, Coliseum Parking Lot 9 am, $20 per hand, proceeds to Moncton City Hospital
Oct 20 Truemans Lobster Run TBD
Nov 23 Christmas Party
Scott advised Maple Flavored Food Processing not open on Saturdays therefore club could not do tour.
No update available on the Soapery at this time.
Trueman advised Roger the trip to Harold Jones private collection of tractors and other collectables would need to be put on hold until the fall as Harold was busy with student's most weekends.
Members interested in other trips please send email to Dave with details.
New Business: David Corkum, professional car photographer with studio where you drive cars in, Roger has business card if anyone interested or 506-382-2662.
Club window stickers and pens Roger will obtain prices from Doyles and advise.
Meeting adjourned by Rick.
Next meeting June 3, 7pm.
Secretary Helen Estabrooks
President Dave MacPherson
50/50 in the amount of $21.50 won by Richard Rioux.

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